Solange Gomes to sing in Fogo Divino

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Solange Gomes was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she received her fine arts training to become a musician and dancer. She attended the Royal Ballet Academy as a child and then went on to study several other dance techniques such as modern, contemporary, ballroom, capoeira, and dances from the Brazilian folklore. In 1978 Solange moved to Brasilia (Brazil) where she received a degree in music with emphasis in piano from the Lorenzo Fernandez School of Music, to compliment a degree in Physical Education she received from the Dom Bosco University (1985).


Still in Brasilia Solange founded the Espaco Vivo Music School, and it was also there where she had her first contact with the art of Flamenco. In 1991, when moving to Salvador (Bahia-Brazil) she founded another art school, the Piano Studio Art Center, in a larger physical space where she could work with music and dance simultaneously. She created Grupo Fala – a performing group where the artists sing, dance and act – and joined the Alma Flamenca Dance Group as a dancer and assistant choreographer.



After moving to Utah in 1997, Solange started working exclusively with flamenco (performing and teaching). In 2001 she founded the Tablado Dance Company where she is the artistic director, choreographer and principle dancer. Her skills as a choreographer also reached the theatre. Solange choreographed ‘Bodas de Sangre’ for the University of Utah Theatre Department, ‘Zorro -the musical’ U.S. Premiere for the Hale Center Theatre and ‘Oedipus The King’ for the Utah Classical Greek Theatre.


In 2012 Solange had the opportunity to join Os Corvos (an acoustic group that performs Brazilian music) as a vocalist and on the following year the Brazilian music connected her to Samba Fogo where she serves as a vocalist too.

As a special treat this year, in addition to providing lead vocals for Fogo Divino, Solange will be performing a dance solo in the Flamenco style, April 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Samba Fogo Presents: Fogo Divino


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