Samba Fogo presents: Raízes do Samba (Roots of Samba)

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  • October 15, 16, and 17 at 7:30pm
  • Rose Wagner Center for Performing Arts
  • Visit the Roots of Samba event page or visit ArtTix to purchase tickets


Raízes Do Samba will be a lively showcase of Afro-Brazilian dance, live music, and fire dance, tracing the history and roots of the Samba tradition. 


Brazil is known for its colorful, high-volume, and celebratory music and dance styles. Raízes Do Samba provides a window into Brazil’s enchanting culture through traditional live music and dance. This high-energy show will leave audiences joyful, inspired, and more knowledgeable about the culture of Brazil.

Samba Fogo Mallory Howard for Raizes do Samba 2015 photo by David Terry Photography



Unlike other dance performances, Samba Fogo is not just a spectator sport. The audience was urged to clap along, shout when it suited, and even get up and dance at times. Needless to say, the energy was contagious.

Salt Lake Magazine



Raízes Do Samba will feature several original musical compositions, written by Samba Fogo band member George Brown, who was born in Brasilia, Brazil and now lives in Salt Lake City. George Brown’s musical compositions will explore the origins of Brazil’s rich musical heritage, and will accompany new choreographies by artistic director Lorin Hansen, performed by a dance company of ten.



Samba Fogo brings passion, fire and pure joy to their performance.

City Weekly



The live band  (led by musical director Mason Aeschbacher) for this fall’s concert features diverse instrumentation such as seven-string guitar, electric guitar and bass, cavaquinho (small Brazilian guitar), a vocal quartet, drumset, accordion, and a large Brazilian drumline/bateria.

Samba Fogo performing



Limited seating, shows sell out each nightGet Tickets Now


This event is recommended for ages 8+. No babes in arms.

This presentation of Raízes Do Samba (Roots of Samba) is supported by the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks program and the Salt Lake City Arts Council.

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