Vera Passos Masterclass – Silvestre Technique

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May 30, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Utah Arts Hub
663 W 100 S
Salt Lake City
UT 84104

Samba Fogo is thrilled to host dance artist Vera Passos for an open masterclass on Silvestre Technique. All levels are welcome and encouraged to train and dance. May 30, 6:30-8:00pm at the Utah Arts Hub, $20. Register in person or online.

Class Description:
The Silvestre Technique is a continuously evolving contemporary dance technique with the objective of conditioning the dancer through physical and expressive training – regardless of level or previous experience.
In 1982, Rosangela Silvestre began the early stages of developing the Silvestre Technique, which over time has progressed into a series of exercises – “conversations with the body” – working to prepare body, mind, and spirit for dance.
Classes are accompanied by live music. A series of musical compositions are created based on the conversation between the body and the orchestration of diverse musical instruments, such as: drums, saxophone, flute, piano, voice, electronics, guitar, etc., the music of the body, and most importantly the “silence” that connects us all. With the inspiration that guides us, we can discover how to create dance and music constantly. All levels are welcomed and encouraged to train in this technique.
The Silvestre Technique brings to dance training a connection with the physical body and its connection to the Universe, which Silvestre calls, “the Body Universe.” The Body Universe is symbolized by three triangles formed on the body.

About Vera:
She is a instructor, choreographer and accomplished dancer. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from the University Federal of Bahia. She starting her training with modern dance in Salvador, Bahia, and became involved with other forms of dance – such as Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Traditional dance. Trained by renowned Bra- zilian teachers including: Gal Mascarenhas, Lia Robato. Angela Dantas, Lucinha Mascare- nhas, Fafa Daltro, Mestre King, Carlinhos Moraes, Jorge Silva, Paco Gomes, e Zebrinha, Passos has danced for companies such as Africa Poesia, Jorge Silva Dance Company and was a solist dancer of the acclaimed Bale Folclórico da Bahia. She has performed internationally in venues in North and South America, Canada, Europe and Australia.
Passos began studying the demanding Silvestre Technique with creator Rosangela Silvestre in 1992, and soon became the protégé of Silvestre. Since 2002, Ms. Passos has taught the technique at the Escola de Dança Cultural Foundation in Bahia, Brazil, in the preparatory dance program to both dancers-in-training, and to professional dance students. She is the director of Silvestre Link Bahia.
Vera Passos participated in the collaborations with the eclectic American musician Steve Coleman on his tour of Europe in 2002 and 2003. She choreographed for Orchestra Po- pular da Bahia, directed by the pioneer ethnomusicologist Emilia Biancardi; In collabora- tion with O Kontra, an experimental jazz enssemble, directed by Nei Sacramento, Vera has choreographed signature works: Rompimento(1999), Oração(2005), Triângulos(2007), which produces experimental performances of Afro-Brazilian dance and music; and “Terra em Transe,” with music by Italian musician Aldo Brizzi. Ms. Passos also danced in the Opera, “Lidia de Oxum”, choreographed by Carlos Morais.
Passos was Invited by Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaro, to perform with, train and choreography for the Viver Brasil Dance Company , where she is currently working as artist in residence and will be performing in their united states tour.
She actively teaches Silvestre Technique and Orixa Dance movement workshops through out the United States,Brazil,Argentina, Uruguai e Chile. Together with Rosangela, she leads the Annual month long Silvestre Technique dance training in Brazil every January and August.

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