Duas Águas: Choreography by Alysia Ramos in Fogo Divino

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Salt Lake City finds itself immersed in many new talents in Fogo Divino. Guest choreographer Alysia Ramos presents Duas Águas.  This work rejoices in the many incarnations of Oxum and Yemanja that flow across time and space, along rivers and across seas from Africa to the Caribbean and onto the Americas.


These Orixas carry with them the mesmerizing and creative force of water that can both comfort and destroy. The work is a contemporary hybrid that combines movement from the sacred dances of Candomblé, Santeria and Vodoun with modern dance in a joyful exaltation of the unfathomable depths of the sacred feminine.  Throughout the African Diaspora the Orixas of sweet water and salt water have emerged as divine manifestations of feminine power.


Choreographer, dancer and teaching artist, Alysia Ramos has performed nationally and internationally with a diverse roster of companies and choreographers including Gabri Christa’s Danzaisa, Nathan Trice Rituals, INSPIRIT a dance company, Niles Ford Urban Dance Collective, Sing Sing Rhythms, Kotchegna Drum and Dance, and Samba Fogo, as well as for her own company the Mezclado (mixed) Movement Group, which she led from 2003-2007.

alysia ramos


Additionally, Alysia apprenticed with companies Danzabierta and Danza Contemporanea de Cuba in Havana, Cuba, and traveled to Senegal where she performed with a family of Wolof griots throughout Dakar, including sharing the stage with African music legend Youssou N’dour.


Alysia continues to be an active member in Burnt Sugar Danz, a who’s who of NY based choreographers who come together to perform conducted improvisation with live conducted music by the band Burnt Sugar. Since completing her MFA at the University of Utah in 2014, she has been a founding faculty member of the new dance program at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Come join us for this rare dance experience in Fogo Divino, April 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Samba Fogo Presents: Fogo Divino

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